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Are your buildings ESG compliant?

To accelerate the net zero transformation of real estate, the EU, CSRD, and SFDR now require carbon footprint data in annual accounts. As demand for compliance grows, Next Sense will continue making every building Paris Proof using data, simulations, and AI to align with legislation.

Real estate needs to
be net zero by 2050.

We're here for the remaining 97%.

Today only 3% is.

Your road to Paris‑proof

Our smart building platform makes decarbonization achievable for every building. We generate the insights required to understand and enable the steps you need to take to achieve your Paris-proof goals.

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Insights & Signage

Gain valuable insights to better understand your building, whether it's for asset management requirements or fostering interaction between your building and its tenants.

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Reporting & Consultation

Access detailed performance reports aligned with ESG standards for each asset, supported by our team to identify areas of improvement and guidance on enhancement strategies.

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AI Control & Optimisation

Achieve peak performance by entrusting AI to control and balance your building, harmonizing it with nature for the ultimate optimization in line with sustainability goals.

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The future of real estate

Discover a selection of projects achieving their energy ambitions with Next Sense.

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