Transforming real estate
is our goal

Welcome to Next Sense, where our mission is to decarbonize real estate with data, care and purpose. We envision a world where humans can reconnect with nature in a way that bolsters our ability to create, while balancing how we co-exist with it.

About Next Sense

We make sense of real estate, by driving innovation, and creating climate-neutral buildings. We use smart technologies to effectively decarbonise commercial real estate. Our platform uses data, simulations and AI control to optimize and lay out a multi-year investment strategy that slashes CO2 footprints in compliance with ESG benchmarks and gets your building Paris-proof.

The importance of net zero real estate

We believe that controlled environment agriculture is the answer to the production challenges of fresh fruits and vegetables. Our AI software, blending digitalization, AI, and plant science, empowers growers to efficiently manage and expand their farming operations, all within planetary boundaries.

Working at Next Sense

With a range of nationalities, expertise and talents, we pride ourselves on the culture we have built here at Next Sense. We value our employees and strive to facilitate a flexible working environment that suits not only the majority. From working remotely abroad to organized sports, lunch, and a generous budget for development, you can dream big at Next Sense.

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