01 Monitoring & Insights
to help you understand your building

Monitoring & insights to understand your building

Gain valuable insights to have a 360 view of your building, whether it's for asset management requirements or fostering interaction between your building and its tenants. Using Digital Twin technology, we monitor the performance of all your connected building installations.

Tailored insights for everyone

Whether you are a building developer, owner or tenant, Next Sense  provides data at every level to ensure optimized usage and energy ratings of the building. Let tenants use data to improve their use of space and productivity, while owners benefit through actionable insights to adjust HVAC systems for reduced energy consumption and improved ESG data.

Signage helps users to find what they are looking for

Displaying building performance and climate data on signage screens provides numerous benefits to building users. These digital displays offer real-time insights into energy usage, temperature, air quality, and other environmental factors, empowering occupants to understand and respond to their surroundings more effectively.

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Reporting & Consultation

Make use of detailed performance reports aligned with ESG standards for each building. Get support from our team to identify areas of improvement and guidance on simulation-based investment strategies to stay ahead of decarbonization pathways.

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AI Control & Optimization

Achieve peak performance by entrusting AI to control and balance your building, harmonizing it with nature for the ultimate optimization in line with your net zero goals.

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"Monitoring real-time data and converting it into useful insights enables our white glove service, highly valued by our clients."

— Mikko Valtonen, VP Global Operations

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Supercharge your property management

Looking for a solution that helps you better understand your building, tells you how to make it more Paris-proof or lets AI optimise and control it? Request a demo and learn more about what Next Sense can do for your building.

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Getting a grip on the right KPI's

Experience an unfiltered view of your portfolio with the Next Sense platform, combining real-time energy, occupancy, and climate data. This solution offers insights into correlations and improvement opportunities across all levels, aiding in achieving Paris-proof targets and enhancing fault detection and diagnostics.

Energy data

Dive into your building's energy consumption numbers all the way down to consumption by source and use, the intensity of it (EUI), and it's overall carbon footprint. Discover potential improvements and take action accordingly.

Occupancy data

Inform your spacial planning decisions by understanding how specific areas, rooms or desks in your office are being used. Identify the busiest day of the week, as well as underutilized floors or spaces that might be put to better use or are wasting energy.

Climate Data

Alert tenants when indoor spaces exceed their comfort threshold for indoor air quality (CO2 levels) and thermal comfort. The platform combines historic and real-time climate data to ensure your meeting rooms are making optimal use of fresh air to enhance productivity and well-being.

Fault Detection and Diagnostics

Receive actionable insights that address irregular or alarming energy, occupancy or climate data preventing well-being and Paris-proof performance. Receive alerts to enhance indoor air quality with quick fixes or implement long-term solutions for HVAC systems and more.

All the features you need, to be in the know

"What is the energy footprint of my building portfolio?"

Monitor the energy consumption of all your assets in both aggregated and isolated views. Deepdive into the breakdown of energy consumption to uncover instances of unexpected behavior leading to inefficient energy usage.

"What are the environmental qualities of my building?"

Learn about how your building is performing when it comes to temperature, air quality, relative humidity and noise levels. See where improvements can be made and compare datasets across floors, days and wellbeing standards.

"Which actionable insights have highest priority?"

Receive notifications of irregularities or warnings when environmental qualities are exceeding wellbeing thresholds. Follow up on those anomalies that are impeaching the overall performance severest.

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