Achieve a net zero building with
portfolio insights and AI controls

Achieve a net zero building with portfolio insights and AI controls

We use smart technologies to effectively decarbonise commercial real estate. Our platform uses data, simulations and AI control to optimize and lay out a multi-year investment strategy that slashes CO2 footprints in compliance with ESG benchmarks and gets your building to Paris-proof.

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Get on top of your net zero goals

In order to decarbonize a building, multiple puzzle pieces need to fit. Building owners have different drivers and issues than building operators. For both to achieve decarbonization, all problems need to be tackled. Next Sense bridges the gap between portfolio and building management with a one platform solution, ensuring all puzzle pieces are addressed.

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Achieving net zero targets begin with monitoring. On your personalized platform, enjoy an overview of all real-time data, mixed with control functionalities and optimization suggestions to improve your system performance and energy efficiency. Our platform aims to bridge the gap between portfolio managers and building operators through data.

3 steps to a net zero portfolio

Monitoring & Insights

Gain valuable insights to better understand your building, whether it's for asset management requirements or fostering interaction between your building and its tenants. Access real-time data to understand and improve building performance.

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Reporting & Consultation

Make use of detailed performance reports aligned with ESG standards for each building. Get support from our team to identify areas of improvement and guidance on simulation-based investment strategies to stay ahead of decarbonization pathways.

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AI Control & Optimization

Achieve net zero performance by entrusting our AI to control and balance your building, tapping into heating, cooling, lighting, ventilation and more. All in order to fully achieve your sustainable and healthy building goals.

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"We are thrilled to have all the data and tools in one centralized solution to meet our sustainability goals."

— Coen van Oostrom, CEO EDGE

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Supercharge your property management

Looking for a solution that helps you better understand your building, tells you how to make it more Paris-proof or lets AI optimise and control it? Request a demo and learn more about what Next Sense can do for your building.

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Indoor sensors measure the indoor climate and the usage of different spaces.

User overrides
When a user manually adjusts the indoor climate, Next Sense learns from this for further improvements.

Next Sense integrates with the building management system to gain insight into all connected systems.

Weather conditions
We incorporate weather forecasts and historical climate data into simulations for optimal control.

Sun shading
By aligning sun shading with the position and intensity of the sun, maximum daylight can enter without causing glare.

Smart light dimming
By adjusting lighting based on available daylight and the usage of the space, a significant amount of energy is saved.

User app
In each room, the user can temporarily adjust the indoor climate according to their own needs for improved comfort.

By proactively heating and cooling in sync with the outdoor temperature, we prevent unnecessary energy loss.

Digital Twin Technology
In a digital replica of the building, all data is monitored by Next Sense. This data is used for identifying optimization opportunities and generating holistic control strategies.

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