03 AI Control & Optimization
for a net zero peace of mind

AI control & optimization for a net zero peace of mind

Achieve peak performance by entrusting AI to control and balance your building, harmonizing it with nature for the ultimate optimization in line with your net zero goals.

Adjust to continuously changing conditions

At Next Sense, we harness the power of digital twins and nature to seamlessly integrate AI technology, enabling buildings to dynamically adjust every second. This continuous optimization ensures not only efficient responses to changes in occupancy and weather conditions but also maximizes energy savings and occupant comfort.

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Monitoring & Insights

Gain valuable insights to better understand your building, whether it's for asset management requirements or fostering interaction between your building and its tenants.

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Reporting & Consultation

Make use of detailed performance reports aligned with ESG standards for each building. Get support from our team to identify areas of improvement and guidance on simulation-based investment strategies to stay ahead of decarbonization pathways.

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Supercharge your property management

Looking for a solution that helps you better understand your building, tells you how to make it more comfortable and sustainable or lets AI optimise and control it? Request a demo and learn what Next Sense can do for your building.

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Around the clock building optimization

AI automation is revolutionizing building management by optimizing performance 24/7. Next Sense ensures continuous enhancements in energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and sustainability. Discover how Next Sense is using AI to help you reshape your building operations.

Connect to nature

Let our building physics AI engine leverage the outdoor weather conditions to holistically and sustainably orchestrate the operations of heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation in balance with nature.

Gradual light dimming

By analyzing data on solar radiation on the facade, Next Sense can plot daylight entry for every square meter in your building. Depending on lighting requirements, sun blinds and lighting systems are balanced to ensure that maximum daylight is utilized without causing glare issues. This results in a gradually dimmed lighting configuration to fulfill lux demands.

Proactive thermal balancing

Using insights from user behavior, weather forecasts, and thermal energy models, our AI tailors the temperature settings in a room to match seasonal comfort levels while also determining optimal times for gradual heating and cooling. Moreover, by strategically managing sun blinds to increase insulation or expedite heat release by fully opening them outside of office hours, Next Sense ensures comfortable work environments through enhanced energy efficiency.

Local user control

Allow users to temporarily override our AI controls when necessary. We can align with physical buttons or offer local controls through mobile devices. We use each override as a learning opportunity to continuously refine our algorithms.

All the features you need, to stay in control

"Will Next Sense keep everybody comfortable?"

Next Sense optimizes HVAC settings for comfort and efficiency by adjusting setpoints based on PMV and user demand. It also proactively manages cooling and heating by smartly timing HVAC start/stop, ensuring comfort while saving energy.

"How does Next Sense maximize daylight access?"

Next Sense employs machine learning for light dimming, factoring in daylight input and using simulations to calculate light deficits per square meter. This creates a grid-based light demand, enabling individual lights or groups to adjust for optimal comfort and energy balance.

"Can building users change environmental settings?"

In rooms equipped with Next Sense, users can control HVAC, lighting, and sunblinds via wall-mounted devices or a mobile app accessed through a QR code. They can temporarily adjust settings to their preference, but these changes revert to optimal AI control after a set time, ensuring both comfort and energy efficiency.

The synergy between the sustainability initiatives of AIR-offices, the thoughtful design and the Next Sense platform ensures that the building is highly energy-efficient from the moment of completion."

— Arjen Seckel, NEOO, Air Offices

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