Air Offices

Hoogstraat 1017

3011 PM Rotterdam

The Netherlands

Energy savings


Next Sense Solution

Monitoring + Control

Building Owner

Schroders Capital


WOMO Architects

Gross floor area



Live since

Client since




The AIR offices project redefines modern workspace design with a focus on sustainability and user experience

Situated in the heart of Rotterdam, the building boasts a striking glass facade that offers panoramic city views while incorporating cutting-edge technologies to get on top of their energy consumption in order to maintain their Paris-proof status. Next Sense is proud to be in a project that brings together every aspect of planet and tenant well-being, and we’re excited to collect real-time data for all tenants to make accurately chosen optimizations.

What sets AIR offices apart is its holistic approach to environmental consciousness and occupant well-being, offering communal spaces, green areas, and state-of-the-art facilities to foster collaboration and creativity. By prioritizing both ecological sustainability and user comfort, AIR offices set a new standard for urban office spaces, demonstrating that functionality, aesthetics, and net zero ambitions can harmoniously coexist in commercial real estate.

The synergy between AIR-offices' ambitious sustainability initiatives, including energy-saving measures, advanced installations and thoughtful design, combined with Next Sense's sensors and digital twins, ensures that the building is highly energy-efficient from the moment of its completion. - Arjen Seckel, Partner at NEOO.

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