02 Reporting & Consultation
to guide you towards decarbonization

Reporting & consultation to guide you towards decarbonization

Access detailed performance reports aligned with ESG standards for each asset, supported by our team to identify areas of improvement and guidance on simulation based investment strategies.  

"Next Sense offers us a strong tool to achieve operational energy reductions with our tenants"

— Ismael Clemente, CEO Merlin Properties

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Our white glove service

We believe each building is unique and deserves tailored attention. At our company, we have embedded all the necessary knowledge, tooling, and expertise to address these unique needs effectively. By customizing our analytics and simulation services to each project and client's demands, we craft personalized multi-year investment strategies for individual buildings that align with broader portfolio goals.

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Monitoring & Insights

Gain valuable insights to better understand your building, whether it's for asset management requirements or fostering interaction between your building and its tenants.

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AI Control & Optimization

Achieve peak performance by entrusting A.I. to control and balance your building, harmonizing it with nature for the ultimate optimization in line with your net-zero goals.

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From aligning to getting ahead of legislation  

Turning insights into valuable actions is an important step. Let Next Sense help you analyze your building data in order to report on legislation, create simulation-based investment strategies, and consult on which retrofit investments help save energy and increase well-being.

ESG data

Extract the data you need for your ESG requirements on individual asset and portfolio levels. We help you make sure your data aligns with GRI 302 and GRI 403, covering energy performance, carbon emissions and well-being of people.

Simulation based investment strategies

Let Next Sense guide you in simulating the performance gains from sustainable investments. We’ll map these benefits onto a multi-year investment roadmap and offer support in implementing these improvements. This approach not only enhances your building's certifications and investment value but also boosts tenant well-being.


Decarbonization not only benefits the planet but also helps ensure that your assets remain valuable. Next Sense provides insights into whether your assets are meeting or lagging behind CRREM decarbonization pathways. Our Building Performance Experts can advise you on proactive steps to keep your assets market-leading in decarbonization efforts.

Asset usage

Next Sense uses sensor technology to monitor how office spaces are utilized, providing insights into usage patterns. This data allows us to advice on how to optimize office layouts and improve employee wellbeing by ensuring efficient use of space and enhancing comfort.

Portfolio insights

Discover the performance of your entire portfolio with Next Sense. We can track the energy efficiency, wellbeing statistics, and carbon offset for all your assets. Additionally, we can identify which investments are most effective at the portfolio level.

All the features you need, to get ahead

"Which assets are due for retrofit investments first?"

NextSense streamlines your real estate investment strategy by analyzing your portfolio to pinpoint which properties could benefit most from renovations. Our platform identifies where upgrades can maximize returns and increase asset value, helping you invest smarter and more sustainably. This targeted advice ensures your renovations are both cost-effective and impactful.

"What steps can I take today, to improve building performance?"

Next Sense uses a blend of expert assessments and automated fault detection to quickly identify and prioritize improvements in your building. Our team examines your property to spot key areas for enhancement while our technology pinpoints operational inefficiencies. This approach gives you straightforward, practical steps to boost efficiency and reduce costs right away.

"What is the impact of investing in smart dimmable LED lighting?"

We help you understand the financial returns of upgrades like new lighting, better BMS, or solar panels. We use advanced simulations to predict how these investments will improve your building's performance. This clear, data-driven insight allows you to make informed decisions on where your money will have the most impact, ensuring your investments are both smart and effective.

Supercharge your property management

Looking for a solution that helps you better understand your building, tells you how to make it more Paris-proof or lets AI optimise and control it? Request a demo and learn more about what Next Sense can do for your building.

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