Ruíz Picasso 11

Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso 11

28020 Madrid


Next Sense Solution

Energy + Building Monitoring

Building Owner

Merlin Properties


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The Ruíz Picasso 11 building in Madrid takes the iconic name and gives it a future-proof building

Developed by Merlin Properties, this office space exemplifies a commitment to the Paris-proof, striving to achieve carbon neutrality and reduce its environmental impact. Through innovative design and cutting-edge technologies, the building aims to minimize energy consumption and maximize efficiency, aligning with the Paris Proof certification standards. With features such as efficient HVAC systems, renewable energy sources, and optimized insulation, Ruiz Picasso 11 sets a new standard for eco-friendly office spaces, demonstrating how sustainable practices can be integrated into commercial real estate development. We're thrilled to be on board as a monitoring partner, helping this dynamic building stay on top of all of relevant building performance data including energy, usage, air quality, to support optimizing for owner and tenant throughout the operational phase.

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