Microsoft Sydney

1 Denison Street

North Sydney NSW 2060


Next Sense Solution

Energy Monitoring

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Bates Smart

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Sydney's tallest office building is also becoming the most innovative

Microsoft has selected Next Sense as their solution provider to streamline energy usage in their new smart office. Using Next Sense solutions, they analyzed data trends and adjusted consumption patterns, such as reducing unnecessary lighting after business hours. With Next Sense's assistance, Microsoft identified and addressed discrepancies in energy usage, allowing for more efficient management of lighting throughout the office and much more.  

This building is Microsoft's cutting-edge Australian flagship office in North Sydney's 1 Denison St. Spanning seven levels and 10,000sqm, this innovative workspace redefines traditional office design. Developed in collaboration with GroupGSA, the office integrates advanced data monitoring software to optimize energy usage, facilitating informed energy-saving decisions. This office prioritizes net zero goals and employee well-being, offering amenities such as Next Sense Monitoring & Signage, to enhance productivity, collaboration and their overall footprint. As workplaces evolve, Microsoft's flagship office sets a new standard for sustainable design and technological innovation.

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