KBF Warehouse

Paul van Vlissingenstraat 10

1096 BK, Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Energy savings


Next Sense Solution

Monitoring + Control

Building Owner

Timeless Investments


Next Architects

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The new & improved KBF: Welcome to the renovation project giving entrepreneurs  more space to get creative

This 7,000sqm extension will create give the existing rustic building a modern touch for anyone working, living or visiting to feel inspired.  

Timeless Investments, the developers of KBF and trusted partners of Next Sense, have placed value on the longevity of this project. We were brought on board to provide smart advice on how KBF can increase the building performance potential, using historic and real-time data. Current and planned installation technology was put under review to optimally use them and achieve the net zero goals of KBF. Next to that, a detailed energy study that predicted savings for every measure was conducted and additional strategies of building control were proposed.

The result leaves this extended building with a full Next Sense integration which the tenants have full control of, connecting lighting, HVAC and blinds. All of this is thanks to digital twin technology that will help KBF reach its full potential and to ensure it remains a green asset that continues to work for nature, instead of against it.  

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